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Reimage Repair is a legitimate PC repair tool which scans your machine, searching for potentially nasty issues that could affect the system’s security and its stability. This software is certified by Softpedia and it is compatible with Windows OS. Although, the strongest side of this tool is Windows repair. One of the best feature of Reimage Repair is that it can fix the issues related to computer by downloading important files that are missing, corrupt or deleted from its own database. Just because of this effective feature, you are not required to reinstall any broken program.

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Right after launching Reimage, it begins scanning your device, starting with a detailed report about the computer’s hardware configuration. Also, Reimage Repair displays information about the hard drive capacity and memory usage of the system, among other values, and then compares the results with world averages. The entire PC analysis can take a while, depending on the computer’s resources and configuration. Though the software performs a detailed analysis, it doesn’t mean that Reimage Repair only intended for tech-savvy users. The software features a usable and clear interface which is quite easy for everyone to understand. In case, if you get stuck, the program includes an easy guide that explains the basic functions of Reimage Repair.

No matter that Reimage is considered as a PC repair program, you can delete the malware’s or viruses from your system by using this award-winning software. It has Avira AntiVir engine built in it and there is no doubt that Reimage Repair should be considered when dealing with any sorts of viruses. After initiating system’s security check, the software detects all kind of malware, including adware, potentially unwanted programs, Trojans, worms, spywares, rootkits, and keylogger. Once it detects the viruses on your PC, it helps you to remove every threats completely from your machine. Finally, Reimage Repair monitors computer stability and specifies applications that crash the most.

What Reimage Repair Fixes?

It is very important to know whether or not Reimage Repair tool is actually capable of fixing issues that you are currently facing on your machine. Reimage as a software, is not designed in order to repair problems with the third party programs, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Google Chrome. However, if the third party software refuses to run, due to the problem with your installed operating system, then Reimage Repair could theoretically fix it. Also, it is not able to fix physical issues, such as damaged monitor or graphics card.It is very important to know whether or not Reimage Repair tool is actually capable of fixing issues that you are currently facing on your machine. Reimage as a software, is not designed in order to repair problems with the third party programs, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Google Chrome. However, if the third party software refuses to run, due to the problem with your installed operating system, then Reimage Repair could theoretically fix it. Also, it is not able to fix physical issues, such as damaged monitor or graphics card.
Although, the software can scan, detect and delete malicious files, but it is not an anti-virus protection utility. If that is what you are looking for, you will need to acquire this program separately. Furthermore, Reimage Repair tool is capable of repairing Windows errors, that may have been caused by a malware infection, data corruption etc. In addition to that, computer freezing, crashing, blue screen of death errors are just some of the issues that you can expect this program to fix. Reimage Repair can help you to fix following problems:

Severe Windows Errors: The procedure which is needed to correct severe Windows errors is to run a full system scan with Reimage which detects and automatically fixes the computer files and their components that are causing Windows errors.

Blue Screen of Death Errors: The best solution to fix Blue Screen of Death errors, you need to use Reimage repair software that fixes system software issues causing those Blue screens.

Damaged or Corrupted DLL Files: In order to repair DLL errors, one can use Reimage Repair tool that will replace your damages or missing DLL files with fresh, clean and also up-to-date ones. Most importantly, the software can only fix the DLL files that came within the Windows installation, as opposed to DLL files belongs to third party apps.

Random PC Freezing & Crashing: Fire up your trustworthy anti-virus program and then run a full system scan now. If you do not have a reliable anti-virus utility, then you can use Reimage Repair that can remove unwanted processes that are running in the PC’s background causing system freezing or crashing.

Damages Caused by a Nasty Virus Infection: Many computer viruses do not disclose their presence and can surreptitiously invade your machine. Malicious threats can secretly corrupt your device without you suspecting anything is wrong. That’s the reason why an updated anti-virus software is so essential that can detect and eliminate them completely from your machine while Reimage is there to heal the damages that malwares have already caused.

Operating System Recovery: Re-installation of operating system is considered as a time-consuming process. Hence, Reimage Repair is one of the best alternative option to that long, undesired process.

You can also reduce the system’s idle time and reinstall your OS without resorting risky techniques.

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How Reimage Repair Works?

Reimage Repair tool is specialized in fixing Windows errors. It will deactivate and quarantine all the detected viruses, and then clean virus damage. All important system files, Registry keys and DLLs that have been damaged or corrupted due to virus invasion will be replaced immediately with new healthy files from the continuously updated online database of Reimage. The online database of Reimage is comprised of over 25 Million updated important components which is able to replace any kind of damaged, corrupted or missing files on Windows OS with a healthy version of the files, so that your computer’s security, stability and performance will be recovered and even improved.

 Although, Reimage Repair scan, diagnoses and then repairs your damaged machine with the latest technology that will not only fix your operating system, but also reverse the damages that had already been done with a complete database of replacement files. The issues detected by Reimage tool can be divided into three categories, i.e. hardware, security and stability. In the hardware category, this program can solve the issues related to low memory, CPU power & temperature and hard disk speed.

Under the security section, it can destroy the malwares like adware, spyware, Trojan, keyloggers, rootkits, spyware and worms. At last, the stability category reveals about the programs and apps which crashes most often and frequently. Once the Reimage completely scans your machine, you can review your system’s hardware, security and its stability in comparison with the worldwide average. Also, you can review a list of issues that are detected during system scan. After that, you can activate your license key in order to start repairing your machine.

Amazing Features of Reimage Repair Software

Sometimes you may feel that your system is responding too slowly and shows various error notifications related to important computer files like registry keys, DLLs etc. It may close your running programs unexpectedly. Such kind of situations are totally annoying for users because they become unable to use their PC efficiently. Some of the reasons, such as installed program malfunctioning, virus infection, broken or outdated drives etc. can cause fatal damage or error on your device. In order to resolve all the issues related with your computer, you can use Reimage Repair software that can help you to fix all problems easily. Features of this tool are as follows:

Outdated programs or applications can be reported by this tool.

Renewal of your computer is possible without reinstalling operating system.

Not only detect the issues, but also fix them with ease.

Enhances computer speed by eliminating malware or viruses.

Does not take more time in repairing process.

With the help of Reimage Repair, re-installation of broken device is also possible.

Procedure of this program is simple and easy for novice users.

It only needs an Internet connection for working over the affected systems.

Reimage has repository over the Internet where it downloads and replaces corrupted entries with newer and update one. It does not modify the default settings of your machine. It is not only system optimizer, registry fix or a anti-virus scanner tool, but it also reverse the damages to your Windows operating system and damages files, restoring your machine and removing the need for reinstalling. This automated system repair tool will even improve computer’s performance as well. It is especially programmed for your specific machine and is completely affordable, automatic and private software. Having Reimage Repair installed on your PC, there is no need for lengthy backups, guesswork, support phone call or any type of risk to your personal data. The database of this program is always up-to-date, hence you can rest easy knowing that you will receive the latest replacement of the files available on the database.

Reimage Pricing Plan

Reimage offers Home, Technician & Renewal Plans to get your PC repaired


Your Annual PC Repair Plan

$39 1 License, Unlimited Use for 1 Year
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Repair Virus Damage
  • Repair Windows Stability Issues
  • Repair Applications Stability Issues

Reimage for Technicians

Request Quote Unlimited Windows PC Repair plan
  • Repair PC's in a fraction of the time
  • Repairs repairing multiple systems
  • Repair from software failures
  • No need to reinstall Windows again

Your Annual PC Repair Plan

$39 Operating System Restoration
  • Download New, Healthy Files
  • Operating System Restoration
  • Optimize Windows Registry
  • Hardware Analysis

System Requirements For Reimage Repair Tool

Minimum requirements to run this optimization software on your computer:

1 GHz 32bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor, Single – core or Multi – core

512 MB of system memory

40 GB of hard drive with at least 15 of free space

Internet Connection:

Internet access (must have a broadband connection)

Physical Internet connection preferable (not WiFi)

Supported Operating System:

Windows XP (32 bit)
Windows XP version with XP service packs (32-bit)
Windows Media Center Edition (Language – English & German)
Windows Vista (32 bit & 64 bit)

Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate
Supported Language: English & German

Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)

Home Premium, Starter, Home Basic, Pro, Ultimate, Enterprise
Supported Language: English & German

Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit)

Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro
Supported Language: English only

Reimage Repair software fixes issues on the machine that run following versions of Windows operating system:

Important Note: After installing Reimage Repair program, you may be prompted to install the regular updates from Windows.

Testimonials from our Clients

I had really a bad infection with virus, which is a browser hijacker. I read many articles about how to eliminate it from my PC, including technical threads from Microsoft. Some of the security articles involve extremely complicated solutions and also most of them required multiple third party programs to perform bits and pieces of the system repair. Most of the threads included several comments that the suggested tool didn't work. I bought Reimage Repair software and it ran for few hours and fixed the issues completely. As a bonus, this application also fixed various other stability related issues for me, including some problems that I didn't know I had, and the computer's performance has improved noticeably. This program is not cheap (about $60), but it really works and sorts out spyware, rootkits, malware, etc. completely from my PC. Most importantly, it replaces the damaged registry keys, DLL files, etc. that I would otherwise had no chance of spotting, and let alone fixing. Overall, well worth it if you want a robust and clean system or Laptop.

Alex, Australia

I actually had a PC that was infected with W32/Autorun.worm.aaeh virus. The threat seemed to self-propagate and the Norton anti-virus program could not delete it completely. This malware caused my system to come to a screeching halt and the machine would fatally crash just within 5-10 minutes after a clean boot up. After that, I tried Reimage Repair utility and it removed the worm immediately, but the malware had added few altered registry keys. Although, Reimage took several hours, but it finally patched up my computer and now it is running quite well. The system is now fully functional and I did not have to reinstall the Windows. This software really saved my butt. I would strongly recommend Reimage Repair tool without any hesitation to anyone whose machine has become messed up by any sorts of malware, viruses or other similar issues.

William H., United Kingdom

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