Easy Way To Fix DLL Error On Startup Issue

While starting up your Windows system, are you constantly getting dll error? This is really annoying when you get this error repeatedly and cannot open your system. DLL error can be caused by a number of reasons. So if you have one such problem then you are advised to read the content given below which will help guide you in fixing such error.

First you need to understand the term ‘DLL’.

About DLL File

A DLL file is a combination of small programs, where any of the following programs can be called when it is needed by a large program running inside the Window system. These small programs allow large program to communicate with a specific devices such as printer, scanner or other devices. Dll files also support specific device operation. The benefit of the dll file is that it does not get loaded into the RAM thus saving space and improving performance and speed. Moreover, dll files are dynamically linked with all those programs that use them during program execution instead of compilation with the main program.

Some typical error messages while loading dll file

  • Error loading D:WINDOWScfdhtc.dll. Access is denied.
  • Error loading vcs019.dll. The specified module could not be found.
  • Error loading C:WINDOWS/iovsgn.dll the specified module could not be found
  • Error loading dumcp.dll. The specified module could not be found.

Reasons behind dll error on start up

If dll file fails to upload then there can be variety of reasons :

  • DLL or referenced dll is not present in the directory specified path.
  • DLL referencing another dll which is not present.
  • File may not be dll executable.
  • Hard disk issues may have corrupted or damaged dll file.
  • The file may not be a part of Microsoft Windows dll.
  • DLL files infected by virus or any malware.
  • Any hardware or software issues.
  • Invalid or corrupt Windows registry problems.
  • Another program uninstalled dll file.

Use of Reimage Repair Software

Reimage repair software is built with a motive of fixing all kinds of Windows errors. The repair task of this software effectively removes and replaces the damaged files found during scan. Therefore, using this software will solve all your dll related as well as other issues of Windows OS.

Features of Reimage Repair software

  • Fixes windows error
  • Repairs Blue screen of death
  • Repairs damaged dll
  • Fixes freezing computer
  • And fixes operating system issues

Steps To Fix DLL Errors On Start up

  • Reimage repair software at first compiles your data for repair stage.

  • Reimage repair produces a scan report on completion of scan.

  • Now, it starts a Full System Restore process which replaces faulty Windows files.

  • Click Reboot button to finish the restore process.

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