How To Resolve Msvcp100 DLL Missing From Computer Error?

Know More About Msvcp100 DLL

Msvcp100.dll file is a part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 which is developed by Microsoft corporation. It is also known as “Microsoft C Runtime Library”. The main objective of msvcp100 dll file is to ensure proper running of some applications and games. But, you may encounter different kind of errors if msvcp100 dll file goes missing. The problem related to msvcp100 dll file usually occurs when this file is removed from it location or has been corrupted by malicious program. But important thing is that, when you receive such error while launching any application then you need to determine the cause of the problem.

At the moment when you launch a program, it first scans the entire system’s folder for msvcp100 dll file. And if it is unable to locate the required file, it prompts an error message stating the reason why launching the corresponding application is unsuccessful. A dll file can be used by several programs simultaneously for a single operation.

Possible Error Messages of Msvcp100 DLL

One of the most common error of msvcp100 dll is “The program can’t start because MSVCP100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” which can be seen when

  • A window is being installed.
  • Certain program is being installed or used.
  • Windows is starting up or shutting down for first time.

Other Possible Error Messages Like :

  • Msvcp100.dll is missing
  • Msvcp100.dll error loading
  • Msvcp100.dll crash
  • Cannot register Msvcp100.dll
  • Msvcp100.dll was not found
  • The procedure entry point msvcp100.dll
  • Msvcp100.dll could not be located
  • Msvcp100.dll Access Violation
  • Cannot find msvcp100.dll
  • Cannot register msvcp100.dll, can also be seen.

Reasons Behind Msvcp100 DLL Error

Basically, this type of error can appear when you try to start Windows, launch a video game or may be trying to use a particular function. Another reason can improper shutting down of Windows system. Corruption of files due to presence of virus and so on.

Download Reimage Repair Software

You can either download msvcp100 dll file or fix it with the help of Reimage Repair software. However, downloading msvcp100 dll file does require dll file specification which is not possible to remember. Hence, it is far better to use Reimage Repair which is easy to use and effectively fixes any kind of dll error. This software is quite capable of :

  • Improving system performance
  • Repairing and replacing corrupted files
  • Repairing virus damage
  • Fixing operating system issues

How To Resolve Msvcp100 DLL Error?

  • At first stage, Reimage repair begins compilation of data for repair stage which will present working status of the computer.

  • In second stage, software will repair and replaces damaged or corrupted windows files.

  • Now at this point, Reimage repair will run a Full System Restore.

  • Finally, clicking on Reboot button will finish the process.

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